Happy Mother’s Day! Who invented it ?


Mother’s Day 2014 – Who invented the Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day – Feliz Dia de Madres – Alles Gute zum Muttertag

Happy Mother's Day

Congratulations to all the Moms!!

It’s Mother’s Day again!

Here in Mexico the celebration starts today since early morning hours and it is for sure a big event. Actually a local Radio station, where I am hosting each week did a special night program to bring “Serenatas” to several Mom’s in town. There are flower arrangements. Special Combo packages… Brunch, lunch, an incredible amount of gift ideas . In other countries Mother’s Day is always the 2. Sunday in May… well it’s just a day difference… Let’s celebrate!!!

Besides Christmas, Easter, September 15th…. It Is a very big event…the question is really justified: Who invented the Mother’s Day? Where is the origin?

So, I did some research and found that in the antique Greece the Mother of God Zeus was already celebrated on a certain day. Nevertheless this tradition got lost.

Later on, in the 13th Century, Henry III introduced the “Mothering Day” with the religious purpose to celebrate the “Mother” of the church. He wanted to have the family assisting church on a special day. But, also this tradition was not continued.

At the beginning of the 19th Century, Napoleon had the firm purpose to establish a Day of Honor for all Mothers. But, as his regime was overthrown in 1815, his idea could never been realized.

Then in 1870 in USA, some feminists started to celebrate their mothers on a special day, nevertheless it was until 1914 when the Mother’s Day was established as a national holiday.

But why do we celebrate Mother’s Day in most parts of the world always on the 2. Sunday in May? –

The founder of the Mother’s Day – we celebrate until now -is the feminist Anna Maria Jarvis. She selected this date in memories to her mother’s obit, which was a May 9th

On May 9th, 1914 the Congress of the United States declared the second Sunday of May officially as Mother’s Day.

Other Countries like the United Kingdom, Switzerland and later in 1922 also Germany established the same day. Just as a note: in Germany it was the Association of Flower Shops who established the Mother’s Day.

Well, it is a special occasion and for sure a perfect reason to charm the mothers with flowers and gifts… although the original idea of the Feminist Anna Marie Jarvis…for sure nowadays got lost. I wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day ! – Kikis de la Creme

The author: Kikis de la Creme is a philosopher by career. She worked 12 years in Automotive Industry. Nowadays she has the privilege to work as a consulter, healer (Reiki, reflexology, Bach Flowers, Essences), a professional certified Tarotist and baker by accidentJ . In all her face to face consultations Kikis de la Creme combines numerology, metaphysical disciplines of Tarot /Lenormand cards and astrology. For online readings, long distances healings or complete numerology studies, please contact her :

mailto: consultas@tacitadecafe.net
Facebook: TacitadeCafe Healing
Twitter: @Kikisdelacreme
Blog: kikisdelacreme.wordpress.com

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