Mercury Retrograde – the before, in-between and after…

Mercury Retrograde – the before, the in-between and the after….

We are in the “pre-phase” of Mercury going to be retrograde. The planet of communication will once more slow down from October 4th – 25th, 2014. Mercury will be retrograde for the third time ( and last this year) and will start this period from October 4th – 10th in the water sign Scorpio…Further on Mercury will be retrograde in the air sign Libra.

It is always inspiring for me to write about Mercury, especially because many people dramatize this period, but actually you can have a very good time, if you just plan a little more.

Having a plan B,C,D… when you travel or are rushing to your meeting…maybe you can’t find your print-outs, but you’re still save as you have several memory sticks with the data…for just mentioning some example.

Today we are still in the Mercury Retrograde Pre-phase, which started mid-September. So communications of all types have been slowing down, the transportation by bus, car, train… airplane… may get crazy.

This Saturday, October 4th, 2014 – Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio until October 10th. Then it will change to Libra, but as both signs are focusing on relationship and commitment we can expect some complex activities in our love lives.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself involved in some power-struggle or running into your ex-lover, some jealousy game… For sure this will be an intense time. Especially we may be asking ourselves: “Who we can really trust?”

On the other hand, when Mercury will be retrograde in Libra any legal aspect, court cases and all the related documents could slow down. Also if it is possible, postpone the signing any documents .

If you feel impatient during this time, I highly recommend you the combination of some Bach Flowers (Impatiens) and a long walk.

Finally a special tip for all of you who plan to get married during Mercury retrograde (please read also my article: ). Believe me, this is not the best moment for a wedding. Inhale, exhale, and do some extra planning. You might want to do some special arrangement for the extra-intense family members in order to avoid any heated discussion etc.

So, concerning yourself, as a bride or the groom …. If you really want to get married during Mercury retrograde… it is very important that you are free of all doubts… as when Mercury turns direct again – so after this phase… you might regret your decision.

The author: Kikis de la Creme is a philosopher by career. She worked 12 years in Automotive Industry. Nowadays she has the privilege to work as a consulter, healer (Reiki, reflexology, Bach Flowers, Essences), a professional certified Tarotist and Numerologist and… a baker by accidentJ. In all consultations Kikis de la Creme combines numerology, metaphysical disciplines of Tarot /Lenormand cards and astrology. For online readings, long distances healings or complete numerology studies, please contact her via :
Facebook: Kikis de la Creme Chat
Twitter: @Kikisdelacreme

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