Do you know there are two consecutive New Moons in Aquarius?

… It ‘s New Moon Time again!
Good Morning! It’s #New Moon time again and in this occasion in Aquarius. This is a good time for transformation, to open up to change…. to have a fresh start with a new attitude.
Do you know that this year we actually have two consecutive New Moons in #Aquarius? This is something very special, as it give us the opportunity to divide our transformation process in two section. Today you can start with the first part of your list and then you will be able to complete it on February 18th with the second New Moon …. By the way this will be just one day before the Chinese New year on February 19th, 2015…. But more about this I will share with you in my Radio Programm “Kikis’ Café on February 16th, 2015 – Happy New Moon!!!

  Neumond in Wassermann

 The author: Kikis de la Creme is a philosopher by career. She worked 12 years in Automotive Industry. Nowadays she work as a numerologist, consulter, healer (Reiki, reflexology, Bach Flowers, Essences), a professional certified Tarotist and Numerologist and… a baker by accident:).  In all consultations Kikis de la Creme combines numerology, metaphysical disciplines of Tarot /Lenormand cards and astrology. For online consultations, workshops, conferences,complete numerology studies, please contact her via :
Facebook: Kikis de la Creme Chat
Twitter: @Kikisdelacreme

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