Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon 3Once again it’s Full Moon Time and in this occasion in the water sign Pisces. Imagination, fantasies, magic, compassion, emotions, sub- consciousness, sensitiveness, dreams are just a couple of keywords for this beautiful moon.

Besides there is the influence from Neptune, Jupiter and the Sun in Virgo… Definitely a lot is going on and as always full moons are an excellent option to end and transform and then to plant the seeds for something new and bigger…

Now, as this Full Moon takes place in Pisces emotions are involved, there is a deep, profound connection that receives a highlight. Some area in your life that has not been flowing or you just neglected due to attending other subjects. This is for sure a reminder !

The water sign Pisces is also in charge of your dreams and sleep. So, pay close attention to this aspect, as you might receive interesting and exciting signs.

But please don’t forget about the chores that are currently on your calendar. It will be important to balance all your activities even on a weekend

Well, and here a little extra tip… pamper yourself with some delicious bubble rose-scented bath or even better if you are lucky and live close to the beach or have a swimming pool ….take a good swim


Happy Full Moon! Blessings!

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