Mercury square Pluto

Mercury square Pluto 2

Good Morning! …. And I am still grining like a Cheshire cat; no doubt yesterday my friends Tere and I  had really a good time in our Coffee Chat…. Talking a blue streak about God and the world, the immortality of the Cancer , the next New Moon, the Solar Eclipse, the planet #Mercury square #Pluto…. And we defined that #coffee has to be black as #devil, hot as #hell, pure as an #angel and… #sweet as #love.  I am already enjoying my early morning coffee!

So, how are you?

Today’s #numerology is #eight and the #moon is in #Leo… this actually makes us being amercury-square-pluto little oversensitive and pushy… well I don’t want to be Grinch or a party pooper, but the planets #Mercury and #Pluto are no helping very much by surrounding us with a quite tense “ambiente”.

With this Mercury square Pluto  there might be some power struggles. It’s nothing wrong with having a strong opinion, but as we say in Germany..”the tone makes the music”. A fine selection in your vocabulary, attitude, relations can change everything for the best.

With a good dosis of  diplomacy and tact you will be able to handle all kind of situation. Don’t forget some flowers on your desk, this will help to channel the energy 🙂

Just take it easy and postpone whatever you can postpone, especially the most important decisions. Watch your communications and reaction as you may ruffle someone’s feathers.

Nevertheless expressing your emotions, ideas, opinions might actually be quite helpful and clear the air once and for all. ♥ As always, you have the choice.

Take care and practice your diplomacy and tact skills. ~ Blessings ~

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