Morning Thought, Solar Eclipse… and more

Flowers Sep 13Good Morning Everybody!!

After a long rainy night, it’s a nice fresh Sunday morning here in Mexico! September 13 th, 2015  –  we are having an interesting breakfast chat about the particle Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Virgo… and yes, I can just re-confirm that the Eclipse, either in New Moon or Full Moon, impulse change in every sense. This is a beautiful “breaking-free” energy or as my friend Heinz says ..”the King has to die…”

Considering that this Solar Eclipse is taking place in Virgo and Virgo is ruled by the communication planet Mercury, there are really some interesting opportunities to mark chances in our lifes.  Virgo focuses especially on health, fitness and organization… so, the momento couldn’t be better  to start finally this diet, to exercise, to eat more vegetables, salads, drink water… What? You says this is boring? – Well, let me tell you, that Mercury is ruling Virgo and you can socialize meanwhile you are dieting and exercising . Invite your friend or neighbor to walk with you, get on your bike and meet a friend in you favorite coffeeshop… you can even go by bike and to some small grocery shopping.

All in all Virgo loves it natural, green and also as simple  /  pure as possible…. Talking about green it’s time to get some flowers and plants. Place a nice bouquet at the entrance to welcome your guests for a healthy breakfast. Also flowers in the living and/ or dining room will bring a fresh energy breeze to your home.

I wish you all a very harmonious and relaxing Sunday!

~ Blessings~