Astrological Week Briefing: del 28 de Sept al 4 de Oct.2015


Astrology week briefing photo superBuenos Dias!

Acabamos de tener un evento que no había desde hace 32 años y que no habrá por los siguientes 18 años: el Eclipse Total Lunar – La Luna llena en el signo de fuego de Aries. Estamos por concluir el mes de Septiembre con los dos eclipses y la numerología del dia es # nueve.

Sin duda con los eclipses se nos facilita hacer cambios en nuestras vidas y regresar al camino indicado, bueno, correcto o más bien, él, que nos puede llevar a lograr nuestras metas y realizar nuestros sueños.

Honestamente esta semana, comparada con lo vivimos por parte del cosmos en las semanas pasadas, será sumamente aburrida… Asi es!!!

Aún sigue el planeta #Mercurio retrogrado; los planetas #Venus y #Marte hicieron lo suyo; el planeta #Saturno cambió su transito a otro signo; los dos eclipses… ahora llegó el momento de respirar hondo.

Por supuesto nos urge poner en practica los cambios y decisiones importantes, sin embargo les aconsejo que pospongan esto un par de días; para ser preciso hasta el 9 de Octubre cuando el planeta #Mercurio regresa a su transito directo.

De hecho los temas de relaciones ( de todo tipo) se pudieran retomar a media semana… con la influencia de Mercurio y el Sol en Libra….

Ojo ¡! Todas estas comunicaciones acumuladas pudiera brotar de una forma inesperada… .Muchos de nosotros querrán ser muy autónomos y con esto lastimaran las relaciones…Claro, que es importante hablar abiertamente y poner las cartas sobre la mesa…

Pero que tal, si aplican una serie de filtros? Créanme que la receta está en encontrar equilibrio, una base de comunicación que permite compromisos y cooperación.

Continuando la semana…. El siguiente fin de semana – con la luna en el signo de #Cancer – promete ser muy agradable. Inviten sus amigos, sí el clima aún lo permite una carne asada (BBQ), un brunch, una cena en un restaurante gourmet. Sean creativos ¡!!

Les deseo un muy armonioso inicio de semana.

~Bendiciones ~

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, numerology…


Full MoonGood Morning!

Buenos Dias!

Guten Morgen!…

It’s Eclipse time – to be exact a Total Full Moon Eclipse in Aries today, a Super Moon – wherever you are right now in the world the eclipse will always bring something back form to past and give the opportunity to break form the past.

It ‘s your chance to let got, to release what whatever needs to be released. But although when this Eclipse is taking place in Aries, which is a “hands on” sign, there will be a certain balance due to the Sun in Libra… so this liberating process includes not only each of us, but also people around us.

Not matter from which angle you observe, this eclipse is a deep emotional event. Certainly relationships and emotions will come up and need to be attended.
Are you ready for this?

Well, let’ see…Things that happen in Eclipse time, like a week before and a week after, can sometimes be very difficult to accept. But, on the other hand this is what needed to happen, that’s exactly what your soul and heart need.

Please relax! Probably when you are reading this, you might feel a lot of drama in these lines, but this is just because I really want you to be ready for what is happening and coming.

Don’t get lost in all this emotions… focus on a special task… I told my clients that this weekend is also a good opportunity to do some house or office cleaning. Put your favorite music on, your plastic gloves and get started. Literally get rid of all the dust and dirt that might be hidden in any corner… and which you normally do not have so much time to clean.

You will feel a great energy difference while you are doing this. And being busy with this kind of activity you are not only creating positive Chi to enter your space, but also you will be able to organize ideas, re-think and analyze certain areas of your life and to slowly adapt to the change.

By the way… today’s –  Sunday September 27th, 2015 – #numerology is a #nine. Couldn’t this be more perfect!

I wish you all a very peace- and successful day… may this Eclipse bring the changes you are looking for.


The author: Kikis de la Creme is a philosopher by career. She worked many years in Automotive Industry. Nowadays she has her own Holistic Center where is works as Master Reiki, professional certified Tarotist, reader and teacher of Lenormand and Tarot,   Numerologist, Life and Spiritual Coach. In all consultations Kikis de la Creme combines numerology, metaphysical disciplines of Tarot /Lenormand cards and astrology. Kikis is also the artist and author of the oracle cards- ” Lenormand a la Mexicana “Las Marías” ® . Her deck is also available as an free APP in iTunes: Lenormand a la Mexicana

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Astrological Week Briefing: September 22, 2015

coffee on the terraceGood Morning!

It’s Tuesday September 22, 2015 and as I wrote earlier this week we are right now in a very interesting and energetic phase, between the two Eclipses… heading forward to the Full Moon Eclipse in the fire sign Ares this weekend.

There is right now a very lovely energy involving us. The perfect base to enjoy your morning coffee and to permit yourself to dream a little bit just before you embrace your agenda. What’s on your wish list ? I am already un-dusting mine 🙂 … The planets Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries give today such a positive vibe for love, positive change and progress. So don’t forget to put your best smile on you never know who will cross your path….  

~ Blessings~