Mercury Retrograde…

Good Morning!

Mercury Retrograde 1Yes, it is again Mercury Retrograde time! –  Today is Thursday, September 17th, 2015. The moon is in Scorpio and today’s numerology is seven. Although I have written a lot of times about the communication and planning planet stationing retrograde and in this occasion in Libra, it’s never enough for some extra advice and  tips or to repeat what I have already said…

Travel, verbal and written communication, your car, iphone… all this might be getting a little stressful….. Although we might be seeking harmony in our communications by turning Mercury retrograde in Libra, but the moon in Scorpio is doing also her part.

But you have the big advantage to have this information in advance. So,by planning your agenda add some extra time when you need to head to the airport, back up your presentation and pack additionally to the computer the tablet, so you will have an other device just in case the usual one won’t turn on.

There could be some misunderstanding, whichfor double- checking will be a good choice for Mercury retrograde 2the following days and weeks (three weeks); to be exact until October 9th, 2015. And if this wouldn’t be already enough… your flight might be cancelled and the meeting re-schedule without having you being informed :(… or sorry, I have to correct… for any reason you didn’t get the notification.

When you are doubting about signing this contract or doing a mayor investment…take it easy and better do some research about this prospect.

⇒ Ahhhh, and by the way…. if you have plans to marry… and you really won’t be able to postpone the date…. Make sure that next year,this time and date you will re-new your vowels.

~ Blessings ~