Morning Thought – after Full Moon in Piscis

¸¶ÀϽºÅæ. ¹ÚÇع¬ ±âÀÚ/

¸¶ÀϽºÅæ. ¹ÚÇع¬ ±âÀÚ/

Good Morning everybody!

I am sitting on my veranda and enjoying my first cup of coffee, the dogs are also very happing having me outside here…. well and I am getting lost a little bit in early morning thoughts.

We just had a beautiful full moon and yesterday I posted in my blog about this. So, there will be more or less two weeks when we can work on healing and taking care of ourselves (body, mind, soul, heart…). This weekend is just perfect to get some rest, so at least my phone is in silence mode.

Actually I like to share with you some thought that came to me just a couple of minutes, when I was reading a client’s comments on my horoscopes, astro tweets and posts. All human beings are free-will. That means we can make our own choices no matter what the stars are doing. Even, if we do not  like what the stars have chosen, we can always choose by our own.

We are not victims of the stars!

Horoscopes, astrology, tips and comments about current events are just tools!!! Astrology is just giving you a blueprint of your basics. So, all this kind of this work is a guideline and please always consider astrology as a healing tool. 

P.D. By the way today’s #numerology is #nine. This couldn’t be more perfect to let go of all your emotional burden.

~ Blessings ~