The Coloring Book, the Laughing Buddha, anti-stress class…

Laughing Buddha with ingot

Yesterday I experienced a beautiful anti-stress class. We decided to paint with acrylics . A very surprising activity for many in the group –  an autumn motive- but the result was just incredible.

Antistress Class Kiki Sep 2015Many of you know that I am a huge art fan and that art in all forms (painting, wood, coffee-art, knitting,…) is always present in my Holistic Center “Tacita de Cafe Healing” in Mexico. Actually painting is one of the Anti-stress Class techniques I offer in store and also during my conferences as an Anti-stress program.

Often I hear comments like… I have never done this, I don’t like art, I am so bad in painting… I will have color all over my suit or dress…  Stop! Please no more excuses.

There is nothing to worry about. The Anti-stress program is fully “equipped”. You get your apron, the colors, brushes, prisma-colors, Antistress Class Ink pensink-pens, pencils, table, chair, canvas, paper, …instructions… and then it is all yours. The purpose of this activity is to have you unwinding, thinking just about painting (or whatever Antistress Class Coloring bookthe activity is)…:)Antistress brushes

Here is a little Feng Shui Tip: Sometimes I tell my students to visualize a Laughing Buddy with a huge sack… Do you know why the Buddha carries this sack? Well, so you (!) can deposit all your worries in there.

Trust me. Give it a try!

The Laughing Buddha as an image or a small figure is a wonderful acquisition to invite happiness and laughter to your life, home and office… this is part of the anti-stress effect.

Laughing Buddha super!So, if you either work on a canvas or get your own coloring book, which by the way are available everywhere.

This is the coloring book mania! 

The effect after 30 minutes working on your project is always the same. There is no way to miss it. Inhale, exhale, get yourself comfortable in your chair, have your favorite beverage  @  hand, the Laughing Buddha in mind or even physically on you table and let’s start.

Have fun and relax!!!

~ Blessings ~

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