Coffee on a rainy morning…


Coffee on a rainy morningWhat a rainy Friday morning here in South Carolina! –

I am sipping my coffee and philosophizing about the astrological week briefing I did on Monday and today’s #numerology, which is a #six.

It is indeed a strange combination as the planet #Mars is transiting in in #Virgo (here the planet will stay for seven weeks), #Mars square #Saturn, the #moon shift into #Pisces (makes us even more sensible). And very probably you might feel like not moving forward today. Any intent to break out of certain patterns, situations, and environment will slow down. Be gentle, although you might feel desperate and then became moody and intolerant… Of course everyone should express what on their mind, but try to not look for the “black sheep” or better said blaming anyone for what’s not be able to change at the moment. Be kind, friendly, show some compasson, be thankful for what is (!) working right now and enjoy the day!… P. D. Don’t forget your umbrella.

~ Blessings ~

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