Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio

–  May 14th, 2014


Kikis de la Creme, May 13th, 2014

It’s almost a month that we started on April 15th with the Total Lunar Eclipse , then the Grand Cardinal Cross and finally the Solar Eclipse at the end of the month….

Well, how do you feel? – 
Summing up a little bit, at that time I talked about the influences in youtube /radio and in my latest video I anticipated that still this week we might be confronted with the effects of those Eclipses.
 Besides all this, we are heading forward to the Full Moon in Scorpio (Mexico 14:15:54 hours (CDT). This moon is also called the flower moon. This the time of the year when flowers are at its peak and the presence of beauty of nature surrounds us as we become reawaken to the simple pleasures of life.
There will be also the strong presence of the planet Saturn, which will be opposing Mercury. This makes us acting more responsible, but also doubting in our decisions of the past and the ones we need to take. Trace a plan and do it step by step.
Of course there is a lot of positive energy, but we might expect some minor delays or setbacks.  It’s like people and the ambience are slowing down. Also communication could become tense, as very probably we do not like to listen to other people’s problems, but love to give advice. Relationship issues and financial subjects could be points of discussion.
With the Full Moon everything becomes purer – passions and individualities can become quite exaggerated.
The cardinal cross is behind us but the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer) will continue to go through changes for the next six months….It’s a time of adjustment, restructure and accommodating. I wish you all a very happy Full Moon! – Kikis de la Creme
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